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College Applications are long and difficult. The essays stretch to infinity and the activity forms are absurdly mathematical (C’mon! How many hours/week and weeks/year do you spend doing xyz?). However, deep within the process, beyond the sense of accomplishment on Dec 31, was… an understanding of who I really am.

Take this essay topic for example (Exact wording modified to throw off pesky college applicant-cum-Googlers:))

You have just written your 301-page autobiography. Please give us page 218.

The sheer amount of thought required to even attempt a response is mind-blowing. You have to think not only of who you are at the moment, but also of who you want to be in the future, and why you want to be the person you have outlined. Granted – it was an optional admission essay topic from one of America’s elite colleges, but there’s no doubt that many high-school seniors, myself included, emerged from the shells of shyness and expressed our egos to our hearts’ content.

This topic, as well as many others, effectively captured the concept of putting yourself, your accomplishments, goals, and dreams, on paper for the admissions officers. To get to know me from this first post, dear Reader, I ask that you read my autobiographical attempt.

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Striped Yellow-and-White Cone

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Enjoy the wait – it won’t be long!

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